Confusion on Campus: the Next Steps for Loyola’s Referenda

On March 25, students opened their school email accounts to vote on the Student Government of Loyola Chicago (SGLC) elections and purposed policies. The two referenda—the Magis Scholarship and the switch to the Metropolis Coffee Company—passed, but their futures remain uncertain.

The Magis Scholarship is a fund to provide financial aid to undocumented Loyola students. Undocumented students are not eligible to receive financial aid. If officially passed, a $2.50 fee will be added to students’ development fee to fund the scholarship. With 1,912 out of 2,716 votes in support, the referendum passed with 70 percent of the vote.

A pro-Magis Scholarship flyer hangs on Loyola's student diversity office in the Damen Student Center.

A pro-Magis Scholarship flyer hangs on Loyola’s student diversity office in the Damen Student Center.

The Metropolis Coffee referendum asked if students would prefer Metropolis as Loyola’s official coffee vendor, instead of the current Starbucks. Metropolis was Loyola’s vendor until 2012, when the café’s owner, Tony Dreyfuss, received an unexpected phone call from Amtrack, Loyola’s dining service and facilities management provider. Dreyfuss was told the campus would start using Starbucks instead.

The Metropolis referendum passed with 85 percent approval from 2,318 students out of 2,715.


Metropolis Coffee, off the Granville Red Line stop, may take Starbucks’ spot as Loyola’s official coffee vendor.

“The reason we’re doing a referendum is because a referendum is powerful. It will raise awareness to say, ‘Listen, students are willing to do this,’” said Flavio Bravo, SGLC’s former president and an outspoken advocate for the referenda, in a Loyola Phoenix interview.

A campus referendum shows the suggestion has student support, but it does not mean the policy will be effective immediately. Instead, the legislation must pass through administration: the Magis Scholarship will be voted on in December at a Board of Trustees meeting, and the Metropolis  referendum will go to the University Senate to be debated.

To find out more about the next steps for the resolutions, view the video below:


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